We're sorry to hear you had a less than ideal experience with a Worker you connected with on GigSmart. We'd love to help, but first we need some more information. Please make sure your Shift meets the terms and requirements outlined below.


  • The Goodwill form is only available for workers hired to complete Shift Gigs, it is not available on Full/Part-Time Positions or workers hired on Project Gigs.
  • You must end the Shift Gig for the Worker within 59 minutes of the Gig start time.
  • You must rate the Worker(s) 1 star.
  • You must submit your claim request by filling out the below form within 72 hours of ending your Shift Gig.
  • All refund requests are subject to approval.
  • Refunds will not be issued unless our Staffing Support team can successfully contact you.
  • We hold the right to discuss this matter with the Shift Gig Worker(s) you file claim(s) for.
  • You may only request two Shift Gig Worker refunds per month, up to $30 per Worker per hour per Gig.

To submit a goodwill request, please provide us with all of your details by filling out the following form: